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Why health insurance is a good fit for young adults

Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 22 October 2018
Insurance for young adults
Leaving the nest can be both an exciting and daunting move. Moving out of your parents’ home and starting a new life comes with fun new adventures such as finding your own place and creating your own life. However, the flip side of the coin is that ‘adulting’ also comes with responsibilities like paying bills, and most importantly, joining a health provider.

When you’re a young adult, you don’t think of the ‘what if’ as much as you should. However, it’s important to be prepared in the case of becoming ill or having a medical emergency.

That’s why a health insurance like GetSavvi Health is a great option for young adults looking for basic cover. Joining GetSavvi Health provides young adults with piece of mind through access to quality private healthcare and emergency cover.

Here are five reasons why GetSavvi Health is a good choice:

1. Cover for what you need

When you’re young and healthy you may not need specialist cover. By joining a medical aid you will pay for specialist cover which you might not use for a long period of time. Because GetSavvi Health is a health insurance, we don’t offer specialist cover but rather focus on the primary healthcare needs of our members like GP visits, dentistry and optometry. Therefore, for a young and healthy person who won’t make use of specialist treatment, by joining a health insurer, you don’t need to pay for services you don’t use.

2. Price fits

Health insurance is generally more affordable than medical aid. This is because health insurers, by law, do not need to offer cover for prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs), whereas medical aids do. Therefore, young adults who are healthy and might not need cover for PMBs will find that health insurance is a better fit.

3. Unlimited GP visits and ample day-to-day cover

At GetSavvi Health we offer our members unlimited access to private GPs on our network list. People who regularly have to see a healthcare professional and don’t want to wait in the long queues of government facilities like clinics will benefit greatly from this benefit. Other day-to-day cover offered by us includes dental and optometry benefits and even a selection of chronic and acute medication.

4. One price covers family

If you’re a young adult then you might plan to grow your family soon. The good news for those looking to expand their family is that we at GetSavvi Health offer cover for the whole family for a single monthly premium.

5. Additional funeral cover

If you’re young and healthy, you might not think about death a whole lot. However, death is inevitable and can happen to anyone at any time. Therefore, it’s good to be prepared. GetSavvi Health offers an additional funeral plan that covers the whole family on all our plan options.

Bundle Your Cover:
Funeral, Medical & Emergency for the whole family!

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