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Day-to-day Benefits Explained

Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 27 February 2018
GP Visits
Ever wonder what the term ‘day-to-day’ benefits means? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Finding a healthcare provider that suits your needs shouldn’t be made even harder by having to decipher unfamiliar terms.

In this blog we look at the meaning of ‘day-to-day’ benefits and exactly what daily healthcare benefits GetSavvi Health insurance offers.

What are day-to-day benefits?

Day-to-day benefits refer to out-of-hospital care that happens on a more frequent basis which may include dentistry, optometry, GP visits and medication.

Day-to-day benefits differ from one scheme to the other. Many healthcare providers offer little to no day-to-day cover with greater focus on in-hospital treatment.

GetSavvi Health firmly believes in the importance of day-to-day care in promoting healthier lifestyles and to detect and prevent the onset of disease. At GetSavvi Health we provide our members with ample day-to-day cover to help identify and treat any ailments before they become more severe.

GetSavvi Health offers the following day-to-day cover:

Unlimited GP visits

No more waiting in long queues at your local clinic. By joining GetSavvi Health you’ll gain access to a private GP whenever you or an immediate family member gets sick.

The benefit includes unlimited access from a list of more than 2 000 network GPs across the country, allowing you to see your doctor whenever you need to.

Dentistry benefits

GetSavvi Health’s basic (up to R1 650 per family per annum) and emergency dentistry benefits will keep your family’s pearly whites in tip-top shape. These benefits include consultations, extractions and local anaesthetics.

We also offer an additional top-up option with selected unlimited tariffs for families who want even more cover. To find out more about our benefits and top-up options, speak to a consultant by calling 0861 18 92 02 today.

Optometry benefits

GetSavvi Health’s optometry benefits includes eye consultations, a frame and single vision or bifocal lenses. Optometry is limited to one member every two years and has a six-month waiting period.

If you’d like to learn more about our optometry benefits, simply contact 0861 18 92 02 and speak to a friendly GetSavvi Health consultant.


We know that regularly having to purchase medication can become a heavy burden on your monthly budget. That’s why members of our Primary Care Plan and Primary Care Plan + (as well as the top-up options) have access to a selection of acute and chronic medication (subject to a medication formulary) prescribed by a (non-dispensing) medical professional.

For your convenience we’ve partnered with leading pharmacies such as Medirite, Clicks Pharmacy and Dischem when you need to collect your prescribed medication.

Can’t call us? We’ll call you!

If you’re interested in joining the GetSavvi Health family, simply click this link, fill in the form provided and a friendly GetSavvi Health consultant will be in contact soon to answer all your questions.

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