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Product info • 08 May 2017
There’s no better time to be more savvy with your and your family’s health than now.

GetSavvi Health provides peace of mind through access to private quality healthcare and emergency cover, allowing you to enjoy good health.

We offer our member – who had previously been unable to afford it – access to affordable health cover.  

Why choose GetSavvi Health?

Are we a medical aid?

No. We’re a health insurance, not a medical aid. You can read more about the difference between the two here.

However, GetSavvi Health can be used in conjunction with a medical aid. 

If you’ve ever felt frustrated because of your medical aid’s limited day-to-day benefits, then GetSavvi Health is the ideal addition to your private medical cover. 

Don’t be caught without cover for doctors’ consultations or depleted medical savings funds midway through the year. GetSavvi Health’s ample day-to-day benefits include doctors’ visits.

Our Benefits include:

At GetSavvi Health we strive to offer you great products at an affordable rate. Because your family’s health is our priority.

If you’re wondering if GetSavvi Health is a perfect fit, here’s a list of  some of our unbelievable medical and health product benefits that set our plans apart from the others:

Emergency Hospital Plan

Available on GetSavvi Health's Get Care Plan and Primary Care Plan +. This benefit offers peace of mind when you most need it. Our Emergency Hospital Plan includes emergency casualty, emergency stabilisation and personal accident benefits. Don’t gamble with your family’s life, with GetSavvi Health you can rest assured that you’ll be covered.

Doctors’ Visits

If you’re tired of using public health facilities with long queues and poor service, or paying hefty doctors’ consultation bills, then sign up today. 

Because at GetSavvi Health we believe that every South African deserves access to affordable healthcare. 

Our Primary Care Plan and Primary Care Plan + offer members unlimited doctors’ visits within our doctors network.

Maternity Benefit

Starting a family is a very special occasion. That’s why we at GetSavvi Health want to make this time as seamless as possible in terms of your medical needs.

Your maternity cover will include visits to the gynaecologist and ultrasound scans as well as the costs related to birth.

You have the option of choosing one of two birth procedures:

Emergency Services

GetSavvi Health’s partnership with South Africa’s leading emergency services provider, Netcare 911, guarantees quality emergency cover.

Members can contact Netcare 911’s emergency hotline on 082 911. Emergency services are available 24/7. 

In addition, Netcare 911 offers telephonic health advice in helping people to assess and cope during emergency situations. A Netcare 911 consultant will dispatch an air or road ambulance service depending on the emergency situation. 

Comprehensive Family Funeral Plan

In the unfortunate event of death, one shouldn’t have to worry about the funeral bill. 

At GetSavvi Health, all our plans include family funeral cover up to R13 500 to be paid out in case of accidental death, offering mourners peace of mind.


Unplanned medication expenses can leave you red in the face. Members of GetSavvi Health's Primary Care Plan and Primary Care Plan + get access to selected acute and chronic medication (subject to a medication formulary) prescribed by a (non-dispensing) medical professional. 

GetSavvi Health has partnered with leading pharmacies, including Medirite, Clicks Pharmacy and Dischem for your convenience when you need to collect your medication prescription. Ts & Cs apply.

Unlimited HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling

Our Unlimited HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling Care Centre offers assistance and treatment to people who’ve been infected with HIV or undergone a traumatic or violent experience. The hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year and staffed with trained medical personnel who are experienced in providing necessary care and support.

The benefit offers:

24-hour Health Advisor

This benefit affords members access to telephonic health advice 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Skilled 24-hour Health Advisors are experienced in handling a variety of issues such as:

• Medical advice in an emergency
• Assessing everyday symptoms
• Crucial medical knowledge
• Database of various drugs
• Poisoning database
• Health guidance
• Managing stress
• Counselling for trauma 

To make use of this benefit, simply call 082 911 and ask to speak to a nurse. The nurse will then assess your symptoms and provide you with medical advice and what steps need to be taken. 

Dentistry and Optometry Top-ups

GetSavvi Health members can for a top-up option that offers unlimited dentistry and/or optometry benefits. Topping up increases your benefit limits for various procedures, including consultations, dental extractions and single vision/bifocal lenses. Ts & Cs apply. 

Cover for seniors 

GetSavvi Health’s Primary Care Plan 61+ is a combination of our hospital plan and day-to-day benefits. This means that members will have access to a range of benefits, including emergency accident cover, unlimited GP visits, dentistry and medication which offers members more cover for peace of mind.

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