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Health is our business and we care about yours. Our articles cover a wide range of topics such as medical insurance and medical aid, network doctors sugar free drinks, banting healthy lifestyle tips and the latest on what GetSavvi Health has to offer.

Risk of stroke Health

5 Tips to reduce your risk of stroke

CPR could save a life Pregnancy & Toddlers

CPR Basics for Child Safety

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Feel Better Fast with GetSavvi Health

Sinus relief Health

Spring-time Sinus Relief Tips

Respiratory illnesses Health

Most Common Respiratory Illnesses and Diseases in SA

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6 Easy ways to recover after a workout

Health test for women of every age Health

Women’s Health: Important Health Screenings

When a cough becomes a threat Health

When a Cough Becomes Life-threatening

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Save on groceries with monthly coupons - exclusive to members

Know more about vitamins Diet & Nutrition

The ABCs of Vitamins

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