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Health is our business and we care about yours. Our articles cover a wide range of topics such as medical insurance and medical aid, network doctors sugar free drinks, banting healthy lifestyle tips and the latest on what GetSavvi Health has to offer.

What is a flu vaccine? Health

Your Personal Army – The Flu Vaccine Explained

How has lockodwn improved your life? Lifestyle & Fitness

5 ways lockdown has improved our lives

Digital Card Product info

How to use your electronic membership card

Health tests Health

5 health screenings to get done stat

Take care of your family Product info

Keeping your family healthy with medical insurance

How to spot the difference: Common Flu or COVID-19? Health

How to spot the difference: COVID-19 or Flu?

Find a network provider fast Product info

Find a Network Provider Fast

Mental health in lockdown Lifestyle & Fitness

Lockdown and your mental health

Self isolation tips Lifestyle & Fitness

Self Isolation Tips and Tricks

Save money with GSH Product info

GetSavvi Health benefits to help you during lockdown

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