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Health is our business and we care about yours. Our articles cover a wide range of topics such as medical insurance and medical aid, network doctors sugar free drinks, banting healthy lifestyle tips and the latest on what GetSavvi Health has to offer.

Organ donation Health

Statistics that’ll encourage you to become an organ donor today

GetSavvi Health funeral plan Lifestyle & Fitness

5 Important affairs to plan before you die

Medical aid fraud and abuse is rife in South Africa. Product information

How healthcare fraud affects your pocket

Women's Day Competition Competitions

LADIES! Celebrate your individuality and win with GetSavvi Health

Primary healthcare for good health. Product information

Primary healthcare explained

Knowing the signs that you may be depressed Health

Recognising the signs of depression

Wackiest ways companies are promoting employee health Lifestyle & Fitness

5 wacky ways companies are promoting employee wellness

Exercising at the office. Lifestyle & Fitness

10 easy exercises to do at the office

Unakho Children's Home GetSavvi Cares

GetSavvi Health supports Unakho Children’s Home

Comedian, Yaaseen Barnes. Lifestyle & Fitness

Have Ya_a_seen the man behind the ads? - Meet Yaaseen Barnes

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