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They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and that is exactly true with our educational infographics that shares advice, information and tips on various health and lifestyle topics.

Primary Care Plan+ Infographics

GetSavvi Health Primary Care Plan+

GetCare Plan explained Infographics

GetSavvi Health GetCare Plan

Why health insurance is a good idea Infographics

9 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is A Good Idea

Healthy food ideas Infographics

Healthy Foods for Kids

Value added benefits Infographics

GetSavvi Health Added Benefits

Emergency Benefits Explaine Infographics

Emergency Services Benefit Explained

Hospital Plan explained Infographics

Hospital Plan Explained

GetSavvi Health benefits Infographics

Day-to-day Benefits

Number sheet Infographics

For the Kids: Savvi Numbers Worksheet

Mzansi Alphabet Infographics

For the kids: Savvi alphabet worksheet

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