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They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and that is exactly true with our educational infographics that shares advice, information and tips on various health and lifestyle topics.

Why have health insurance Infographics

9 Reasons Why Health Insurance Is A Good Idea

Healthy food ideas Infographics

Healthy Foods for Kids

Value added benefits Infographics

GetSavvi Health Added Benefits

Emergency Benefits Explaine Infographics

Emergency Services Benefit Explained

Infographic: Hospital Plan Infographics

Hospital Plan Explained

GetSavvi Health benefits Infographics

Day-to-day Benefits

Savvi Numbers Sheet Infographics

For the Kids: Savvi Numbers Worksheet

Mzansi Alphabet Infographics

For the kids: Savvi alphabet worksheet

Famous women inventors Infographics

Women Inventors

Blood donation inforgraphic Infographics

How to save a life

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