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Primary Care Plan

Our Plans > Primary Care Plan

Core Benefits

These are the essential services on your plan to support your healthcare needs and give you and your family peace of mind.

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Day-to-day Benefits

At GetSavvi Health we know that people have different needs. That’s why we’ve tailored our medical insurance plans to offer you a range of favourable benefits at prices you can afford.

More about Day-to-day Benefits...

As a member of the Primary Care Plan, you and your family have access to benefits such as:

  • Unlimited doctors' visits
  • Basic and emergency dentistry
  • Black-and-white X-rays
  • HIV and STI blood tests
  • Acute and chronic medication (subject to a formulary)

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Netcare 911 Emergency Services

Netcare 911 Emergency Services is available 24 hours a day. Members can contact the ambulance hotline in an emergency where trained staff will telephonically lead you through questions to assess your emergency, then dispatch an air or road ambulance to you, whichever is most appropriate.

If you’re calling for advice, you’ll be directed to a medical advice centre manned by experienced personnel around the clock.

More details about Netcare 911 Emergency Services >

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The FeelBetterFast benefit is specifically catered for members who don’t have time to set up an appointment and wait to see a doctor to treat their minor ailments. It provides access to professional care at your closest network pharmacy to get you back on track quickly.

What does the FeelBetterFast benefit cover?

  • Selected acute medication (subject to a formulary).
  • Annual flu vaccination (to be administered by 30 September each year).
  • Treatment for a list of minor ailments.
  • Annual full health assessment with:
    • Health tests such as blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), HIV status, glucose levels, smoking status and cholesterol; and
    • A health report with your health test results, along with accompanying information on how to keep your numbers in check
  • One tetanus vaccination per member every 10 years.
  • One Hepatitis A and B vaccination per member during the lifetime of the policy.

More details about the FeelBetterFast benefit >

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Maternity Benefits

GetSavvi Health’s maternity benefits offers mothers-to-be cover during their pregnancy up until birth.

Our maternity benefits include:

  • R20 000 cover for a normal birth
  • R30 000 for a caesarean delivery (C-section)
  • The stated amounts above also include gynaecologists’ visits and ultrasound scans, etc. You’ll also have access to inhospital cover at a private hospital for the birthing procedure.

More details about Maternity Benefits >

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Member Wellness Programme

GetSavvi Health offers members professional and confidential counselling, support, awareness and advice on a range of topics.

Members can telephonically consult an array of specialists to assist with:

  • Personal issues
  • Relationship problems
  • Trauma/PTSD
  • Financial counselling
  • Legal advice
  • Fitness advice
  • Diet and nutrition
  • HIV/Aids counselling

Irrespective of what plan you’re signed up for, all GetSavvi Health members have access to counselling and/or treatment.

More details about the Member Wellness Programme benefits >

Unlimited HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling

Our Unlimited HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling benefit forms part of our Member Wellness Programme and has a Care Centre hotline that’s available 24/7, 365 days a year to support members who have undergone a traumatic experience.

The benefit offers:

Counselling and advice

  • 24/7 365 days a year telephonic counselling and support
  • Directed to where a member can receive antiretroviral therapy (ART)
  • Directed to where a member can get face-to-face counselling (optional)


  • HIV test 48 hours after exposure
  • Starter pack of three days’ ART
  • Combination ART for 28 days
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STI) medication
  • HIV test 90 days after exposure

More details about Unlimited HIV, Trauma and Assault Counselling benefits >

  • No joining fees
  • No medical examinations
  • Covers you, your spouse and children
  • Get covered in under 10 minutes

Funeral Benefit

The GetSavvi Health funeral benefit assures you and your family full death cover.

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Comprehensive Family Funeral Plan

Funeral costs can be a heavy burden and you might not be ready or able to deal with such an expense, especially during a traumatic time.

Funeral cover benefits for you, your spouse and children:

Participant Death Cover
Main Member (aged 18-60) R14 000 (R28 000 in case of accidental death)
Spouse R14 000 (R28 000 in case of accidental death)
Children (aged 14-21) R14 000
Children (aged 6-13) R7 000
Children aged up to 5 years (including stillborn) R3 500

More details about the Funeral Plan benefit >

Value-added Benefits

These support your core benefits by providing additional options and services for you and your family.

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Discount Coupons

As a GetSavvi Health member, you’ll be able to cut your grocery and non-medical pharmacy expenses by up to R1 250 with our list of monthly discount coupons.

Redeemable at:

  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • CheckersHyper
  • Dis-Chem

More details about the Discount Coupons benefit >

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24-hour Health Advisor

This benefit affords members access to telephonic health advice 24 hours a day throughout the year.

Skilled 24-hour Health Advisors are experienced in handling a variety of issues such as:

  • Medical advice in an emergency
  • Assessing everyday symptoms
  • Crucial medical knowledge
  • Database of various drugs
  • Poisoning database
  • Health guidance
  • Managing stress
  • Counselling for trauma

To make use of this benefit, simply call 082 911 and ask to speak to a nurse.

More details about 24-hour Health Advisor benefits >

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Preventative Benefits

GetSavvi Health firmly believes in the importance of preventative care by promoting healthier lifestyles. Therefore, our FeelBetterFast and Preventative Benefits do just that: to detect and prevent the onset of disease and provide treatment before it progresses.

What preventative benefits do I have?

  • One pap smear per female aged 21 years or older every three years
  • One pneumococcal (pneumonia) vaccination every five years for members aged 65 years or older, or individuals with a medically-proven compromised immune system
  • One flu vaccination per member per year (to be administered by 30 September)
  • One tetanus vaccination per member every 10 years
  • Hepatitis A and B vaccination per member once during the lifetime of the policy
  • One complete wellness assessment test per member per year at the pharmacy/clinic. Includes: blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), HIV status, glucose levels, smoking status and cholesterol.

More details about Preventative Benefits >

Primary Care Plan

Only R790 per family per month
Single member R501 per month

Meets the primary healthcare needs of individuals and growing families.

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Primary Care Plan Top-up

R967 per family per month
R678 per single member per month

Members have the option of adding top-up benefits (optometry and unlimited dentistry) to the Primary Care Plan.


Members will have access to the following once every 24 months:

  • Consultation/eye test
  • Eyeglass frame
  • Single vision lenses
  • Bifocal lenses

All members on the plan may use this benefit, but only one member can use it at a time within a two-year period. A six-month waiting period will apply from commencement of the top-up option.

Unlimited Dentistry

The top-up dentistry option is available for the whole family and lifts the R1 650 basic and R3 300 emergency dental benefits’ limitations. This means that the member, including family, now has access to unlimited dentists’ visits. Treatment subject to a list of approved procedures (designated dentists only).

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