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Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 08 May 2017

At GetSavvi Health we’re always finding new ways to offer our members top value in the services we provide. Our dentistry benefits (including the top-up option) is only one way we plan to meet your healthcare needs. 

Taking care of your teeth through personal oral hygiene and regularly visiting your dentist is of the utmost importance. That’s why, with our basic dentistry and top-up option, you’ll have the support you need to keep your chompers healthy. 

Members of GetSavvi Health’s Primary Care Plan and Primary Care Plan+ have access to basic and emergency dentistry benefits. Members wanting even more day-to-day benefits will be happy to know that they can add a top-up dentistry option to their existing plan for unlimited consultations. 

Here’s a list of our benefits and why these procedures are very important for good oral health:

Basic and emergency benefits

This benefit allows access to a dental practitioner or dental therapist on the GetSavvi Health network list and includes cover up to R1 650 per family per annum and R3 300 emergency cover subject to a list of dental procedures and codes approved by the service provider.


Explained: During a consultation, your dentist will perform a full assessment of your oral health and recommend the best treatment.

GetSavvi Health’s benefits: R1 650 per family per annum. Ts and Cs apply.


Explained: A filling refers to the repairing of a tooth that has been damaged in an accident or from decay. When getting a filling, the dentist first removes the decay in the affected area, cleans the tooth and then fills the cavity. The severity of the damage will determine what material the dentist chooses to use to fill the cavity. A filling also prevents any further damage to the tooth.

GetSavvi Health’s benefits: Includes fillings of selected teeth depending on the tariff codes. R1 650 per family per annum. Ts and Cs apply.


Explained: Extractions refer to the removal of teeth from its dental socket. Teeth can be extracted due to severe decay or damage when your dentist cannot repair it with a crown, tooth filling or other dental treatment.

GetSavvi Health’s benefits: Two extractions per policyholder per consultation. R1 650 per family per annum. Ts and Cs apply.

Local anaesthetic 

Explained: Local anaesthetic refers to when your dentist injects a narcotic into certain parts of your mouth to numb it. This helps to ease pain and any discomfort experienced when your dentist is working on your teeth.

GetSavvi Health’s benefits: One per policyholder per visit. Subject to R1 650 per family per annum. Ts and Cs apply.

Accidental emergency treatment

Explained: Emergency dental treatment for broken and/or severed teeth and severe toothache. 

GetSavvi Health’s benefits: Access to R3 300 emergency cover per policyholder per annum which includes X-rays, a local anaesthetic, extraction and surgical incisions. Benefits are subject to a list of dental procedures and codes. Ts and Cs apply.

GetSavvi Health top-up benefits

The top-up dentistry option is available and includes cover for the whole family.

Benefit limit 

GetSavvi Health’s benefits: The R1 650 basic and R3 300 emergency dental benefits’ limitations are lifted and the member (including family) now has access to unlimited dental visits. Subject to a list of dental procedures by a network dentist. Ts and Cs apply.


GetSavvi Health’s benefits: Members get unlimited dentist consultations on the top-up dentistry option. 

Consultations are covered according to limitations of a clinical nature that are generally accepted in the dental market. Ts and Cs apply.

Fluoride treatment

GetSavvi Health’s benefits: Covers children under the age of 12. One fluoride treatment every six months. Ts and Cs apply.

Don’t call us, we’ll call you!

If you’d like to find out more about GetSavvi Health’s dental care, or any of our other amazing benefits, simply click here, fill in the form and a GetSavvi Health consultant will contact you soon. 

*Terms and conditions apply

Network dentists are nominated by GetSavvi Health and can be viewed by clicking here, choosing ‘dentist’ and by searching your area.

All benefits are subject to a list of dental procedures and tariff codes approved by the service provider. If you’re unclear about any of our benefits, contact our Customer Services department on 0861 18 92 02 for further details on our benefits. 

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