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What is health insurance?

Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 08 May 2017
Health insurance is the perfect fit for millions of South Africans who cannot afford medical aid but who’d still like to benefit from quality private healthcare.

Becoming a member of a health insurer like GetSavvi Health allows you to skip the long lines at your local clinic or government facility. 

Joining GetSavvi Health’s Primary Care Plan and Primary Care Plan + will allow a swift diagnosis and private treatment by a general practitioner (GP).  

Another benefit of joining GetSavvi Health is having a hospital plan when you sign up for our Get Care Plan or Primary Care Plan +. This will ensure you accident cover and emergency services that’ll give you peace of mind when you need it most. 

Health insurers offer various other benefits like in-hospital cash-out payments and paying for certain conditions. Instead, GetSavvi Health focuses more on day-to-day cover such as visiting your doctor, dentist or optometrist and emergency cover. 

Many South Africans use the term “health insurance’ and “medical aid’ interchangeably, resulting in many people making uninformed choices regarding their healthcare.

To fully understand health insurance, let’s look at how it differs from medical aid:

Health insurer - GetSavvi Health

Medical aid - Unknown

Unlimited GP visits

Limited GP visits or depending on savings account balance

Optometry and dentistry benefits

Limited optometry and dentistry benefits or depending on savings account balance

Covers injuries and accidents

Covers injuries and accidents

No cover for specialists

Covers specialists

May or may not cover Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMBs)

Covers PMBs

One premium for the whole family (up to 15 dependants)

Premiums per member and beneficiary

Funeral cover 

No funeral cover

Offers Netcare 911 emergency services

May or may not offer Netcare 911 emergency services

Offers added services, including HIV and abuse counselling and a 24-hour medical services hotline

Offers only medical cover

Why is health insurance so cheap?

Many people may feel skeptical because health insurance premiums are, in many cases, much cheaper than medical aid premiums.

The reason for this is because medical aids are required to pay costly procedures that fall under PMBs, as well as specialists, which then result in monthly costs being very high.

Because health insurance may or may not offer cover for PMBs and specialists, they’re able to keep their premiums much lower. 

Who will benefit most from health insurance?

Out of South Africa’s population of over 54 million people, only about 17.4% are covered by a medical aid. This means that more than 44 million people depend on state facilities for their basic healthcare needs. 

GetSavvi Health’s benefits are ideal for people who are only able to pay a smaller premium for primary healthcare like GP visits and emergency cover in case of an emergency.

Health insurance is also a great option for people who are covered by a medical aid but are not satisfied with their day-to-day (GP, dentistry and optometry) medical cover. 

GetSavvi Health’s benefits provide more affordable healthcare.

GetSavvi Health’s benefits

VIDEO: Health Insurance vs Medical Aid

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