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Pregnancy Milestones (Part 2)

Pregnancy & Toddlers • by Paul de Beyer • 11 February 2020
The pregnancy train has well and truly left the station at this point. You’re done with the first trimester: a whirlwind of emotions, tests and other firsts. But don’t worry, you’re only just getting started on this amazing journey.

The second and third trimesters are coming, and bringing with them some noteworthy experiences you will never forget!

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Second Trimester

1) Telling everyone… and then listening

The second trimester is usually regarded as the “safe” period to start telling all your extended family, friends and work colleagues. It’s a great time, full of love and happiness. But it's also the start of the advice train. Until now it's just been you, your partner and the immediate family simply enjoying the moment.

That’s all about to change.

You’re now in for several months of a lot, and we mean a lot, of advice from every aunt, uncle, and Facebook friend acquaintance you’ve met once five years ago at a friend’s friend’s braai, telling you exactly what to expect, how to do it all and what will make you the Number 1 Mommy.
Good luck.

2) All the changes

Pregnancy changes the body but up until now you wouldn’t have really seen it. The second trimester is the beginning of changes in your body.

Your mileage may vary, with some growing a little quicker than others, but generally now’s the time you start to really notice the differences. Keep an eye on your breasts, waist and nipples.

Don’t be alarmed at colour or size changes, or maybe even a little discharge. It’s all normal – and part of the miracle of pregnancy.

3) A little retail therapy

With all that advice coming your way, body changes and maybe a little hormonal imbalance thrown in to boot, it’s time for a little retail therapy.

Start with you – buying those comfy maternity pants, bigger bras and loose shirts. Then it’s time to start buying things for the baby – you might want to hold off until you know the gender for some of the more specific things but go to town on the rest of the nursery.
You deserve it.

4) Baby, baby, baby

The second trimester will really introduce you to your little one. From the first kick to the big gender reveal (if you want to know, that is), this is the time you really get to know your little one more intimately.
It might also be the time you stop calling it “little bean” or “that alien inside me,” and start thinking of names for the little guy.

Third Trimester

5) It’s the final countdown

By this stage you’re pretty ready to meet your baby. You’ll get to know your due date, mark it off on the calendar and start counting down the days. The prenatal classes are nearing the end and you’re starting to get excited for the big day.

6) D-day

Last, but certainly not least, is your delivery day.

Make sure you have a bag packed and ready for this day. The bag must-have necessities for mommy and baby like warm clothes, newborn nappies and a going-home outfit.

Enjoy the experience as it’s the last day of your pregnancy and the first day of your child’s life – and the start of a whole new list of firsts.

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