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What to Buy for a Newborn Baby

Pregnancy & Toddlers • 08 May 2017
Shopping for a new baby is a special and exciting time. Enjoy this experience because you will remember it forever!

New mothers spend hours washing the new clothes, packing and re-packing the cupboards in anticipation. We’ve created a newborn checklist of the MUST haves for your beautiful baby. We hope that you enjoy this list! 

Sleep Time

You will need cotton bedding and a mattress that breathes. Rather wrap your baby in several layers of cotton blankets and don’t use fleece, as the baby can get too hot. Here’s a list of things you will need for bedtime

Feeding Time

Most mothers like to breastfeed in the beginning of baby’s life. A healthy mother’s milk contains everything that baby needs to grow and not get sick. If you want to, you can keep bottles for when you are travelling or can’t feed the baby. Here’s what you’ll need


There are other baby essentials you will need and things for every day care. We know that you want to make sure that baby has everything she needs

We hope that you liked this list. You should get advice from your doctor or clinic on other things you might need. Try lending some of these things from friends as you do not need these baby necessities for very long. 

Still don't know what to get for baby? Check out this video below:

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