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The Power of Preventive Care

Health • by Ryno Ellis • 29 March 2018
Would you drive your car for years without taking any preventive measures like checking the tyres, oil and water? No, because your car will soon break down.

The same goes for your body. You can’t live your life without making healthy decisions and frequently checking in with your doctor to make sure that everything is working the way it should. It just makes sense.

Preventive health measures have become a great focus in the healthcare industry in recent years.

These are screenings or tests that allow people to stay on top of their health. These tests may detect disease even before symptoms become apparent which help health practitioners treat it more effectively.

We’ve put together a list of preventive measures you can adopt to ensure that your motor runs smoothly:

Live a balanced lifestyle

This comes as no surprise. If you take care of your body then it’ll take care of you.

Looking after your body through regular exercise, eating healthy, cutting sugar, drinking less alcohol and not smoking will go a long way.

For a list of 12 healthy habits you can adopt to take care of yourself, click here. 

Visit your general practitioner and know your stats

Regularly checking in with your doctor is a great way of always staying in the know of your health.

Your GP frequently checks your vitals such as your blood pressure, sugar levels and BMI which helps in detecting any chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

Your GP will also carry out a physical exam and can pick up on any unfamiliar signs that could point to greater problems like breast, testicular and even prostate cancer.

Unlimited GP visits with GetSavvi Health

At GetSavvi Health we believe in the important role of preventive care in living a healthy life.

That’s why our Primary Care Plan and Primary Care Plan + offers unlimited GP visits when visiting a GP from our network. To learn more about this and more benefits, click here.

Check yourself

Regular self checks could potentially save your life.

Women need to perform self checks for breast lumps and men need to check for lumps in their testes.

You can learn how to perform these self checks by downloading GetSavvi Health’s helpful infographics here:

Behind the Pink Ribbon (Breast cancer awareness) 

Men's Health Issues – Stay Informed

Don’t be a stranger to your dentist and optometrist

By regularly visiting your dentist and optometrist, you can avoid any unwanted problems in the future.

It’s important to visit your dentist and optometrist annually to keep your teeth and eyesight in tip-top shape.

Read more on how GetSavvi Heath can help you take care of yourself with our optometry  and dentistry benefits.

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