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Are you a medical aid? No, GetSavvi Health is a medical insurance provider. We offer plans with great focus on members’ primary healthcare needs including, GP visits, emergency hospital cover, dentistry and optometry.

What is primary healthcare? Primary healthcare includes first point of contact with health services that allows for better quality of life through swift diagnoses and treatment.

Will I be taken to a private hospital? In case of an emergency, medical personnel will assess the situation and transport the member to the most appropriate hospital for treatment. For emergency services, contact Netcare 911 on 082 911.

Which hospitals do you work with?

Our preferred hospital provider is Netcare. However, should there be no Netcare hospital in your area, you may make use of any hospital providing you contact us for guarantee of payment.

Where can we find the list of doctors or dentists?

We use a network of doctors. A list of these doctors can be obtained by accessing our website or contacting our Customer Services department on 0861 18 92 02.

Why is GetSavvi Health much cheaper than medical aid? Medical aids are required to pay costly procedures that fall under PMBs, as well as specialists, which then result in monthly costs being very high.

Who’ll benefit most from joining GetSavvi Health? GetSavvi Health’s benefits are ideal for people who are unable to afford traditional medical aid but who would still like access to quality primary healthcare.

Health insurance is also a great option for people who are covered by a medical aid but are not satisfied with their day-to-day (GP, dentistry and optometry) medical cover and would like more extensive primary healthcare cover.

How do I claim?

You can read more about our claims process by clicking here.

How do I make use of my 24-hour Health Advisor benefit?

To make use of this benefit, simply call 082 911 and ask to speak to a nurse. The nurse will then assess your symptoms and provide you with medical advice and what steps need to be taken.

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Grey Nurse and Doctor Plus Hospital

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