GetSavvi Health Milestones: Celebrating a Decade of Achievements

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In February 2024, we’re celebrating our ten-year anniversary at GetSavvi Health. To commemorate this significant milestone, let's reflect on our remarkable journey up to today.

Since 2014, our mission has been to reshape healthcare in South Africa. We’re more than just a health insurer; we’re a dedicated team committed to growth, innovation and excellence. Join us as we take a stroll through our journey together:

2014: Laying the Foundation for Success

Our founders – Nathan January, Ryan Steenkamp and Wayne Moosa – set the stage for success. They had a vision to make healthcare more accessible to the average South African, thus beginning our journey.

2015: Embracing a Growing GetSavvi Health Family

We proudly welcomed our 3 000th member into the GetSavvi Health family. This marked a milestone in our dedication to making quality healthcare accessible to all, laying the foundation for what was to come.

2018: A New Era of Innovation Under CEO, Wayne Moosa

With Wayne Moosa at the helm as CEO, a new era of innovation and excellence in healthcare was launched. This leadership change reinforced our commitment to positive change in the industry.

2019: Recognised Excellence at the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards

GetSavvi Health was honoured as the "Best Medical Insurance Provider in South Africa" at the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards in 2019. This recognition affirmed our dedication to delivering top-tier medical insurance services.

2020: Deepening Commitment to Our Members

We expanded our benefit offerings, with notable additions such as Pharmacy Consultations and enhanced Maternity Benefits. This showed our focus on meeting the healthcare needs of our valued members.

2021: Strategic Partnership with Workforce Holdings

GetSavvi Health joined forces with Workforce Holdings, entering a new chapter. This strategic move aimed to provide support within a JSE-listed environment, enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional services.

2023: AskAfrika's Orange Index Award – Voted by You, Our Members

Celebrating over 18 000 members in 2023, we achieved a significant milestone by being named the number one health insurer for exceptional service in the AskAfrika's Orange Index. This accolade, voted on by you, the South African people, recognises our steadfast commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services.

2024: Celebrating a Decade of Dedication to Healthcare

The year 2024 signifies a significant milestone in GetSavvi Health's decade-long journey in the healthcare industry. Over the past 10 years in this competitive field, we have garnered valuable insights, facilitated education, implemented preventive measures, and invested millions of Rands into South Africa. We take pride in the honour and opportunity to contribute in every possible way.

As we continue our journey toward a healthier and happier South Africa, we extend our deep gratitude for the trust our members have placed in us. Here's to a future where GetSavvi Health continues to redefine healthcare standards and make a lasting impact on the well-being of the South African community. Cheers to health and happiness!