Did you know that absenteeism in the workplace costs the South African economy R16 billion a year?

Better healthcare means less absenteeism, a happier, healthier workforce, and more income for your business.

Why is healthcare so important?

  • Sick employees who cannot afford medical cover may go to work and can infect other healthy employees, resulting in poor work performance and further absenteeism.
  • Employees who have to rely on under-resourced public healthcare may have to wait before being attended to, which can negatively affect that employee’s work day.
  • Having access to healthcare can give the employee peace of mind which can aid in a speedier recovery.
  • Employees feel valued by employers who provide medical benefits which can lead to further company loyalty.
  • Providing medical insurance to employees announces that the company is interested in investing in the health of their employees.

Our Medical Insurance products are white-labelled and can be custom-made for unions, associations and corporate employee groups.

We package our products in such a way that your employees will get the most useful medical benefits at favourable rates.

Benefits are tailor-made to suit you. Prices are negotiable. Get in touch >

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