Benefits ⟩ Dentistry

Having access to basic and emergency dental benefits allows you to take care of your pearly whites. Your dentistry benefits form part of your day-to-day benefits.

At GetSavvi Health we help limit the amount of out-of-pocket expenses by offering members the following dentistry benefits:

• Basic and emergency dentistry
Members will have access to a dental practitioner or dental therapist on the GetSavvi Health network list. This also includes cover of up to R1 650 per family per annum, and in the event of an emergency, the limit will double. These benefits are subject to a list of dental procedures and codes approved by the service provider.

• Consultations
Consultations from one of our Preferred Provider Network (PPN) dentists.

• Fillings
Fillings of selected teeth depending on the tariff codes. R1 650 per family per annum.

• Extractions
Two extractions per policyholder per consultation. R1 650 per family per annum.

• Local anaesthetic
One per policyholder per visit. Subject to R1 650 per family per annum.

• Accidental emergency treatment
Access to emergency benefits per policyholder which includes X-rays, a local anaesthetic, extraction and surgical incisions. Benefits are subject to a list of dental procedures and codes.

GetSavvi Health dental top-up benefits

Members wanting even more dental benefits will be happy to know that they can add a top-up dentistry option to their existing plan for unlimited consultations.

GetSavvi Heath’s Primary Care Plan Top-up and Primary Care Plan + Top-up options offer unlimited benefits. Please note that top-up benefits are not available on the Primary Care Plan 60+.

• Top-up benefit limit
The R1 650 basic and R3 300 emergency dental benefits’ limitations are lifted and the member (including family) now has access to unlimited dental visits. Treatment subject to a list of approved procedures (designated dentists only).

• Top-up consultations
Members get unlimited dentist consultations on the top-up dentistry option.

Consultations are covered according to limitations of a clinical nature that are generally accepted in the dental market.

• Top-up fluoride treatment
Covers children under the age of 12. One fluoride treatment every six months.

To find the list of network dentists, click here, choose ‘dentist’ and search your area.

All benefits are subject to a list of dental procedures and tariff codes approved by the service provider. If you’re unclear about any of our benefits, contact our Customer Services department on 0861 18 92 02 or email us at for further details on our benefits.

These benefits are available on the following plans:


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