Savvi Team Wins Savvy Award

Product info

GetSavvi Health #1 Health Insurer for the 2023/2024 Ask Afrika Orange Index

We're thrilled to be named the Industry Winner in the Health Insurance category for 2023/2024 by Ask Afrika Orange Index!

This success is all thanks to our amazing members. Their trust keeps us going. Also, thank you to our dedicated staff who have been instrumental in achieving this honour.

This prestigious recognition reaffirms our commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and highlights our substantial investment in South Africa's healthcare.

Who Is Ask Afrika?

Ask Afrika is a research company built on years of solid expertise, academic clout and industry respect. They uncover deep insights on human behaviour. 

What is the Orange Index by Ask Afrika?

The Ask Afrika Orange Index was founded in 2001. It is the broadest and most widely referenced service excellence benchmark in South Africa. 

Ask Afrika Orange Index enables a comparative view between and across industries.

It measures customer satisfaction, emotional satisfaction, and loyalty to recognise companies that show exceptional performance across metrics such as servicing and problem resolution.

This year, a total of over 48 000 interviews were completed across 32 industries.

Why is it important?

In a fast-moving world, people now demand more from the customer experience. This index provides predictive insights into the kinds of experience your audience wants.

Here at GetSavvi Health we're thrilled to win this award and pledge to keep improving our products, treating members with respect, going the extra mile for their needs, upholding high standards, and delivering the best services. 

Here are the sentiments of our CEO, Wayne Moosa, in response to this prestigious accolade:

"Congratulations, Team GetSavvi Health! This accomplishment stands as a testament to your unrelenting dedication and hard work. Each one of you has displayed tireless effort, and the credit for this exceptional recognition goes entirely to our outstanding staff. Never underestimate the significance of your contributions to this organization; it is your collective expertise that truly shines through in our commitment to customer experience. Thank you for consistently prioritizing our customers."

We look forward to continuing this journey of excellence with you.