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Pharmacy Consultations

Our Pharmacy Consultations benefit is your first step to getting better when you’re not feeling well! It provides convenient access to professional care at your closest network pharmacy to help you get back on track quickly.

What this benefit offers:

Minor Ailments

  • Consultation with a nurse or pharmacist for most minor ailments such as coughs, colds, flu and more
  • Treatment plus health and medication advice
  • Acute medication (subject to a formulary) based on the outcome of the consultation

Other Benefits

  • Annual flu vaccination
  • Health Check:
    • Health assessments such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, body mass index (BMI), and smoking status; and
    • A health report with your health assessment results, along with accompanying information on how to keep your numbers in check
  • HIV testing (at selected pharmacies)
  • Emergency oral contraception (EOC)
  • Tetanus vaccination (per member every 10 years)

How does the Pharmacy Consultations benefit work?

  1. Contact Europ Assistance on 0860 35 83 33. A telephonic screening of your symptoms will take place.
  2. If approved, you’ll be directed to your nearest designated pharmacy and issued with an authorisation number via SMS for your pharmacy consultation.
  3. Present the authorisation number at the pharmacy for a private consultation at the pharmacy clinic.

Note: Members have access to 12 consultations per policy per annum. No co-payments are required.

No waiting period.

These benefits are available on the following plans:


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