Benefits ⟩ Optometry Top-up

The optometry top-up option forms part of your day-to-day benefits.

This option is available on our Primary Care Plan Top-up and Primary Care Plan + Top-up plans. Optometry is available to all members on these plans but limited to only one member every two years. If another member on the same policy claims during that same two-year period, they will be held liable for payment.

After a member has signed up for this benefit, a six-month waiting period will apply from commencement of the top-up option.

Members will have access to the following benefits once every 24 months:

• Consultation/eye test
One consultation/eye test every 24 months per family.

• Eyeglass frame
One pair of Preferred Provider Network (PPN) spectacle frames every 24 months per family.

• Single vision lenses
One pair of single vision lenses every 24 months.

• Bifocal
One pair of bifocal lenses every 24 months.

Finding a network provider is now fast and easy with GetSavvi Health’s Doctors Network functionality. Click here to find an optometrist near you.

All benefits are subject to tariff codes approved by the service provider. If you’re unclear about any of our health insurance benefits, contact our Customer Services department on 0861 18 92 02 or email us at for further details.

What we DON’T cover:

Contact lenses
Non-PPN frames
Lens enhancements, including, but not limited to:

These benefits are available on the following plans:


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