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Visiting your doctor without paying a consultation fee

Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 14 June 2019


It’s flu season which means that you or your family will need to check in with your family doctor more frequently than usual.

And if you don’t have medical cover, an unforseen trip to the doctor can set you back between R300 to R500 per consultation. And this doesn't include the price of medication.

That’s where GetSavvi Health comes in handy because we’ll pay for your family’s consultations so that they only need to focus on getting better.

Why it’s important to regularly see your GP:

Who will benefit from GetSavvi Health:

Join GetSavvi Health for peace of mind
If you’d like to have the freedom of visiting your GP without having to pay a consultation fee every time, click here and fill in your details and a GetSavvi Health consultant will follow up.

Bundle Your Cover:
Funeral, Medical & Emergency for the whole family!

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