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Save on groceries with monthly coupons - exclusive to members

Product info • 18 July 2019
Who doesn’t like a discount on their monthly grocery shopping?
That’s why we’re excited to offer GetSavvi Health members monthly discount coupons on leading brands from certain retail stores across the country.

Members are able to cut their grocery expenses by at least R250 per month with our list of available coupons.

How does it work?

GetSavvi Health members will receive a monthly SMS with a link to a mobile website where they can retrieve a 16-digit code for each item they want a discount on. Please note that the codes will be valid for 24 hours after which it will expire and need to be regenerated when you’re ready to use it.

The member will then provide the cashier with the 16-digit codes once all of their products have been rung up and the products with the same discount values that are available will be deducted automatically. Note that each product with a different discount value will have a different 16-digit code.

Coupons vary each month for a range of in-store products from tinned food and fresh produce to cleaning and beauty products.

At which stores can I redeem the code?

• Shoprite
• Checkers
• CheckersHyper

How do I redeem a code? 

How do I know what products are discounted each month?

A list with all the active coupons are available on the mobile site.

Members can check their email for the monthly newsletter which will contain coupons for the top ten products of that month, and a link to the rest.

Happy shopping!

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