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Avoid long lines at the clinic without joining medical aid

Product info • by Ryno Ellis • 03 August 2018
Many people think there are only two options when it comes to healthcare in South Africa: 1) join a medical aid that could cost you thousands of rands a year; or 2) make use of state facilities including government clinics that are generally overcrowded and underfunded. The great news is that there’s a third option: taking control of your primary healthcare needs with medical insurance to safeguard you and your family’s future health.

Having access to primary cover leads to improved health by ensuring that minor ailments are treated at the point of origin and that they do not progress to bigger, less manageable conditions.

“Primary healthcare plays a very significant role in preventive care, allowing early detection of any physical or mental problems, which gives the patient enough time to seek further treatment,” says Tauhir Manuel, CEO at GetSavvi Health.

Medical insurance like GetSavvi Health is an affordable alternative for the many South Africans who cannot bear the expense of medical aid cover.

GetSavvi Health offers unlimited GP visits, emergency care, optometry, dentistry and medication and is focussed on providing hard-working South Africans with the primary healthcare they need to live a happy and healthy life.

“Many South Africans are unable to seek treatment for health problems when they arise but rather wait until it reaches a point where they have no choice but to go to a state hospital or day clinic,” Manuel says.

He adds that this unfortunately puts increasing pressure on the public health system and could lead to delayed or compromised services.

“Overcrowding remains one of the biggest problems facing the South African healthcare system today,” says Manuel.

Manuel adds that by supplying South Africans with excellent primary care services, GetSavvi Health believes that fewer people will need to rely on clinics and day hospitals around the country, thereby reducing pressure on current healthcare facilities and improving the quality of life of many South Africans.

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