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Day Zero: Practising good health

Lifestyle & Fitness • by Ryno Ellis • 08 February 2018
Cape Town is currently experiencing the worst drought in recent years and, unfortunately, this poses a threat to Capetonians’ health. In this blog, we take a look at a few steps you can take to avoid getting sick before and after day zero hits.

One of the biggest worries of not having an adequate amount of water at your home or office is that people will be unable to clean themselves or their spaces or flush their toilets, allowing germs to spread and flourish easily.

We’ve put together a list of ways to practise good hygiene in a drought situation that will help minimise the spread of germs.

1. Antiseptic waterless hand sanitisers

One of the most effective ways to avoid the spread of germs is to ensure that your hands stay clean and germ free.

The problem, however, is that constantly washing your hands uses a lot of water.

Waterless hand sanitisers are the perfect solution where you’ll still be able to thoroughly rid your hands of germs.

Use waterless hand sanitisers regularly, especially before preparing food and after using the bathroom.

2. Wet wipes are your new best friend

Wet wipes allow you to clean surfaces and your hands without using any water.

Antibacterial wipes provide extra protection and eliminate all the nasty germs that could cause you to become sick.

Be sure to frequently wipe your office desk, kitchen counter and hands after toilet use for extra protection.

3. Be clever in the kitchen

One of the main causes of Gastro is caused by germs that are transmitted either by contaminated food or water. Practising good hygiene in the kitchen when preparing food is crucial.

By using gloves in the kitchen, you avoid spreading germs from your hands to your food.

Be careful about leaving food, especially meats, out for too long as it will become a breeding ground for bacteria. Rather defrost meats in the fridge overnight instead of leaving them out before cooking. Also, don’t refreeze foods after they’ve been cooked.

4. Be careful what water you drink

Only drink spring water from reputable brands and municipal water that have gone through the necessary processes to make it safe to drink.

Grey water, rainwater, borehole water and dam water should under no circumstances be consumed even after being boiled or treated with chlorine.

Using grey water, rainwater, borehole water and dam water around the home for cleaning purposes or flushing toilets poses no threat. But they should not be used as drinking water.

5. Cleaning the toilet seat

It has become common practice for Capetonians not to flush as regularly as usual to save water.

Not flushing when urinating poses no health threats, however, the toilet seat does.

When flushing, germs spread to the toilet seat making it a breeding ground for some organisms. It’s best advised to always clean the seat with an antiseptic wipe or disinfectant before and after use.

Feeling sick? Visit your GP asap!

If you suspect that you’re ill, don’t hesitate, visit your GP as soon as possible.

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