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Spring Cleaning and Your Health

Lifestyle & Fitness • by Paul de Beyer • 04 September 2020
Springtime is upon us, and it's a funny time of year. The weather is always a little confused, we’re just too far away from the end of the year to be excited for the holidays, and the year is starting to feel a little “too long”.

One of the ways many of us counteract this feeling is to do a little spring cleaning. While this might be some therapeutic decluttering of the home, there are some medical benefits to spring cleaning you might not have thought about.

It REALLY is therapeutic

Yup. Cleaning up and throwing out things really does do wonders for your mental health. There are a bunch of studies that show the benefits of living in a tidy, decluttered house, and even more showing the benefits of reorganising and cleaning up messy spaces.

But don’t simply stop with spring cleaning your house. Take the next step and spring clean your health too. Each year we need to make an annual visit to make sure our health is fully in control. Set aside some time to clean up your physical health too Booking your annual

As part of your spring cleaning, make sure you’re medically covered for all your annual check-ups. Get medical health insurance with GetSavvi Health. Click here to get a free online quote and see the benefits you and your family could have.

A clean home is a healthy home

It might seem a little obvious, but the benefits of spring cleaning are in fact a clean home.

You spend a large portion of your life in your home, and your immune system takes its cues from the places we live. If you suffer from allergies, especially ones associated with dust and other particles like mould, a clean home is definitely a health benefit.

When you’re spring cleaning, make sure you:

Spring clean your daily routine

Most of us live a pretty settled life. That means we probably get into very steady routines, which can cause bad habits and let us neglect certain aspects of your lives. Stuck in a rut, so to speak.

Spring cleaning doesn’t just have to be your home, but your routine as well. Take a good look at your daily routine and see if you are making the most of your day.
If you feel like you’re lacking in certain aspects, it might be time to shake things up a little bit.

Don’t try to change too much, but rather try to implement one or two changes at a time. Once you have made them part of your routine you can start to add more.

It can take over 30 days for a new activity to start becoming a habit, so have patience and persevere. If you’re serious about making a change, keep it realistic and tell a friend or family member. Check in with them and ask them to help you stick to it!


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