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5 wacky ways companies are promoting employee wellness

Lifestyle & Fitness • by Ryno Ellis • 10 July 2017
What would happen if all the worker bees left the beehive? No honey, of course. The same (metaphorically speaking) can be said about a company’s employees. Keeping your employees happy, healthy and motivated is one of the key aspects of a successful business.

A new global trend where companies compete to find the weirdest and wackiest ways to retain and keep their staff happy has us all saying, “Why didn’t my employer think of that?”

Let’s take a look at five standouts of the wackiest ways companies are promoting employees’ health and wellness:

Sleeping on the job

It’s been proven that taking a midday nap at the office increases productivity and keeps
your employees happy.

That’s why companies have introduced the “energy pods.”  These nap pods looks like futuristic egg-shaped vessels where employees can sit and shut down.

Those in need of a quick shut-eye can simply enter the pod and close the screen that shelters them from light and sound. They are even designed to wake you when it’s time to get up.

Unlimited leave

Having a job where you have unlimited vacation leave might seem far-fetched but this trend is fast taking over the business sector.

Many companies, especially start-ups, offer their employees the opportunity to take leave whenever they feel like it.

The ‘no vacation policy’

This doesn’t mean that you can go on vacation for six months without doing any work. It simply means that you can take leave whenever you feel you need it, as long as your work is done.

It’s been suggested that this new model creates an ownership mentality where employees take responsibility and do what's best for themselves and the company.

Breastfeeding lounges

Companies have gone the extra mile to make new mothers feel as welcome and included as possible by building lactating lounges where they can breastfeed.

These lounges are built especially for mothers who need to breastfeed, offering them a safe and private environment where they can do so.

Exercise in the office

Sitting for longs hours at a time behind a desk can be detrimental to your health. This can, in the long run, lead to people becoming more stressed, leaving them susceptible to a list of chronic diseases and even increase absenteeism.

That’s why more and more organisations are promoting physical activity in the office space.

Some companies are offering free membership to gyms close to the office, where others even offer free physical activity like aerobics, pilates and spinning classes at the office.

No more errands

Some companies are offering their employees free meals throughout the day, health and dental check-ups at the office, free laundry services and even on-site video games and other entertainment.

They’re doing this to lighten the load of their employees, allowing them to be more relaxed where they can spend more time at the office focussed on their projects.

Tell us on social media what some of the wackiest things your employer has done to keep the team’s morale up? We’d love to know!

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