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Protecting Your Peepers in a Digital World

Health • by Ryno Ellis • 06 October 2017

VIDEO: Protecting Your Peepers in a Digital World 


Our eyes are constantly staring and focusing on a digital screen. You’re even doing it now! #busted

The average South African daily spends two hours watching TV, and accumulatively, more than five hours staring at a computer, mobile or tablet screen.

That’s more than seven hours of looking at a digital device of some sort every day which can cause immense strain on your eyes and lead to fatigue, or in some cases, blurry vision.

We don’t expect you to completely stop using technology (that's just crazy talk) but we’re able to share a few tips on how to look after your eyes in a digital world:

Look away

If you spend the majority of your day staring at a PC or phone screen, be sure to take regular breaks. Every hour or so, look away from your screen to allow your eye muscles to relax and avoid becoming overworked and tense.

Adjust the lighting

Eye strain is often caused by harsh lighting from your computer or mobile screen. Turn down the intensity of the lighting. Many mobile and desktop screens allow night mode that automatically adjust the screen’s contrast and colour to lower the chances of eye strain while working in the dark.

Move back

The closer you sit to your computer screen or hold your phone to your eyes, the bigger the chances of straining your eyes. By simply moving your screen further away you won’t put as much strain on your eyes. Make small changes like increasing the size of your device’s font that will automatically allow you to move your device further away.

Blink frequently

Blinking allows your eyes to stay moist and lubricated. Train yourself to blink more often when you’re looking at a screen. This will help prevent your eyes from becoming dry and scratchy.

Talk to your optometrist

Your optometrist has a few helpful solutions to protecting your eyes from the harmful lights of digital devices. They can provide you with digitally surfaced Accommodative Support Lenses, Blue Control Lens coatings or eye lubricants that will help you better manage the strain of using a digital device.

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