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Gallery: You won't believe these 5 benefits of falling in love

Health • by Ryno Ellis • 11 February 2019

When you fall in love, your body can react in amazing ways such as a racing heart, flushed skin, dilated pupils and sweaty hands. But it doesn’t just stop there. Studies have shown that being in love can have numerous health benefits for both your body and mind.

Many people say that laughter is the best medicine. However, it turns out that love can be just as good.

We know that the feeling of love is a chemical process in your brain that release various hormones, including dopamine which is also known as the happy hormone. This rush of endorphins creates a sense of euphoria which can benefit your health in the following ways:

1 Lowers stress levels

There’s growing evidence that people who are in love and in a healthy relationship are better able to manage stress.

2 Strengthens immune system

Studies have shown that being in a loving relationship may boost your immune system. This means that people in love are less likely to get sick after being exposed to flu or viruses.

3 Lowers blood pressure

A happy relationship could be good for your blood pressure. A health study that followed people (both single and in relationships) concluded that those in a happy relationship had healthier blood pressure levels. This means that people in love may also have healthier hearts since blood pressure is directly linked to heart disease.

4 Improves mental health

Studies have shown that being in a healthy relationship can lessen your chances of depression and anxiety. In fact, studies have linked social isolation to higher rates of depression.

5 Extends lifespan

A growing amount of research has shown that people in long-term relationships live longer. Scientists believe that the reason for this is due to emotional and physical support from a partner which could lead to people having longer and happier lives.

It’s evident that being in a healthy and committed relationship can be very beneficial for your physical and mental health. Here are a few easy ways to help nurture your relationship:



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