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When is best: GP vs Nurse vs Pharmacist

Health • by Paul De Beyer • 02 August 2021
There’s no doubt that finding the time to go to the GP is tricky. In fact, time and money is a major factor in whether people seek medical care or not.

Too often we put off going to the doctor on the account that it might cost too much, or we really don’t have the time to go.

We end up leaving things too late, and this leaves us scrambling for a last-minute appointment which just further complicates our lives.

When should you see your GP?

While it can be difficult, there are times where you absolutely need to visit your GP.

These are often times when you’ve been struggling with a sickness for a few days, and you’re just not getting better. Here are a few ailments that you should immediately visit your GP for:

What can a nurse help you with?

Sometimes needing to go to the doctor can involve seeing a nurse, or having a nurse assist you before seeing a doctor.

Nurses are at the forefront of preventative and direct care, and many pharmacies employ nurses to assist you with checks and screenings such as:

Nurses can offer advice on general healthcare, as well as assist you in ensuring that you’re prepped and educated to handle chronic disease treatment like insulin injections for diabetes.

What ailments can a pharmacist help you with?

While a pharmacist cannot perform a medical check-up on a patient or write a prescription, they can assist with many of the common problems we all experience on a daily basis. These include:

These over-the-counter medications can often help avoid a trip to the GP or ER, helping you get better sooner.

Due to their training, pharmacists can also help you understand your medication better. This means you’ll better understand what the medication is for, what side effects it might have and when you should take the medication.


To assist all GetSavvi Health members in finding trained pharmacists and nurses, FeelBetterFast will help you get quick medical attention at participating medical facilities, across the country.

This means that you can hopefully skip the GP visit, save yourself the effort and give you more time to focus on getting healthy.

The FeelBetterFast benefit is available on all plans. Simply contact our Call Centre on 0861 18 92 02 to find out where your nearest, participating pharmacy is. If you want to know more about FeelBetterFast or GetSavvi Health, click here for a free quote.


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