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Exercise and Your Immune System

Health • by Paul De Beyer • 25 August 2021


What if I told you that there was something that took about 20 to 30 minutes a day that could help you live longer, avoid illness, reduce stress and ultimately be a happier, healthier person? Would you do it? Sadly, the majority of us don’t.

So, what is this magic bullet?

It’s that classic pillar of health – regular exercise. Please note the “regular”, it’s the most important part! Exercising every now and again is good but won’t have the same long-lasting, positive effects that regular exercise does.

It goes without saying, all of us know that exercise is good for us on a physical level.

We think of athletes and see that exercising makes their physical body healthier and stronger. What we probably don’t know is that exercise is very good for other aspects of our health as well.

  1. Regular exercise might actually be a real magic bullet after all.

    Here are three ways it will work for you:
    Regular exercise may reduce your chances of catching a cold, the flu or other illnesses

    When you exercise, your body does a funny thing where it changes your white blood cells, kick-starting them into action. In fact, these antibodies circulate super fast and move around your body quicker.

    It’s these same white blood cells that make up your immune system – the same system that fights off diseases – and through exercise, they simply level up and become a better form of protection.

  2. Regular exercise can reduce stress – a lot

    While it might not feel like it at the time, when you’re puffing up the hill, your body is reducing your stress. Every day, all the time, your body releases hormones – good and bad ones.

    When we exercise, our body slows down the release of hormones, which means that the stress kind don’t get released as fast, and your stress is reduced. It’s why we feel “free” while exercising.

    Also, you get this cool thing called dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain and is directly related to feeling good (it’s the one we get from sex, or eating delicious things like chocolate).

    While this has nothing to do with your immune system, getting regular dopamine boosts is going to feel really good and make you much happier.

    Also, with regular exercise, you get higher levels of dopamine circulating throughout your body and it can expand your capacity to be happier and experience more joy. Pretty cool!

  3. Regular exercise drives bacteria from your body

    When you exercise, you burn off calories, which are the body’s energy source. Things like sugars and fats, etc., give you these calories that drive the body.

    When you burn an energy source, like wood, for example, you get a reaction. And, like burning wood, when you burn calories, your body gets hotter.

This means that your temperature rises, your body begins to sweat and your lungs work harder. All of these things can help drive bacteria out of your body and even stop them from entering your body at all.

It’s a boring one – old exercise. But, when done regularly, you can not only make yourself healthier and happier, but improve your body’s ability to fight off disease.
They say the best cure is prevention. This might sound really obvious, especially during a pandemic, when all we’re doing is washing our hands and avoiding contact with people.

This kind of lifestyle, plus preventative check-ups like pap smears, regular blood pressure and cholesterol tests, will have you living a longer, healthier life. For more information on GetSavvi Health and the preventative benefits offered through FeelBetterFast, click here or call 0861 18 92 02.

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