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5 Habits that Could Cause Cancer

Health • by Ryno Ellis • 05 February 2018
We all know the obvious cancer-causing habits like smoking and drinking alcohol. But there are lesser-known habits that could also potentially increase your cancer risk.

It’s uncertain why some people get cancer and others not, but research shows that avoiding certain habits could lower your chances of contracting cancer.

Cancer is a complex group of diseases mainly caused by the abnormal growth of cells that causes a malignant growth or tumour that could become fatal.

Being exposed to harmful chemicals and habits (smoking and excessive alcohol consumption) could cause cancer. Other factors that cannot be controlled, like genetics, also play a role.

However, being aware of other risks and therefore making small changes to your everyday habits could potentially lower your chances of developing cancer. These risks include: 

1. Constantly using cellphones

Cellphones emit radiofrequency energy that is a form of radiation. The use of cellphones has exponentially increased in recent years and constant exposure to this does have its disadvantages.

Studies suggest that although this radiation cannot damage cells, it does, however, lower levels of melatonin in the body that helps ward off cancerous tumors.

2. Inhaling diesel and petrol fumes

The fumes emitted by diesel or petrol engines are considered a carcinogenic (to have the potential to cause cancer) and has a similar effect as second-hand smoke.

Avoiding these are almost impossible and inhaling large amounts of these pollutants is linked to respiratory issues like asthma and lung cancer.

3. Sitting for long periods of time

Sitting for long periods of time has in recent years been compared to being equally as unhealthy as smoking. Having a job where you’re physically inactive and sit for more than six hours a day could potentially increase your chances of developing certain types of cancer.

Although being physically active isn’t guaranteed, studies have shown that it can lower your chances of cancer and other chronic illnesses like hypertension and diabetes.

4. Eating processed meats

Some studies have shown that processed meats often contain cancer-causing chemicals that are added to help preserve these meats.

These include salami, ham, hot dogs, pepperoni, sausages and even bacon.

5. Burning or heavily chargrilling your food

It’s been recently reported that your barbecued food could contain cancer-causing properties.

Studies have linked the burned black parts of meat to certain types of cancer, e.g., in the pancreas, colon and digestive tract.


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