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How to bounce back after a sugar binge

Diet & Nutrition • by Ryno Ellis • 10 April 2018
Sugar binging tips
We’ve all been there: You try your best to cut back on sugar or sugary foods but you have a moment of weakness and end up eating a whole box of chocolates.

Firstly, don’t beat yourself up about it, you’re only human and chocolates are delicious.

It’s important to know that your body is preprogrammed to enjoy sugar and consuming it releases a ‘happy’ hormone that provides you with a tremendous amounts of pleasure.

The second step is to rid yourself of the excess sugar in your body and put a strategy in place to avoid a sugar binge in the future.

If you do slip up, here’s what you can do to be better next time:

Wash it down with water

Down a glass or even two after you’ve binged on sweets or chocolates. By drinking H2O you actually help your body process the sugar faster and even flush the extra sugar you’d just consumed.

Eat protein

Soon after eating something high in sugar, your sugar levels will rise then suddenly drop. This is why you’ll crave something sweet again.

Keep your sugar levels normal by eating a high protein snack like a hard-boiled egg, a spoon of sugar-free peanut butter or high fat yogurt.

Plan a workout

Even though it would take a lot of exercise to burn off one moment of weakness, doing some exercise is better than no exercise at all.

Be sure to plan an afternoon run or a pilates session to help you burn those extra calories you’ve consumed.

Don’t give up completely

If you’ve had one moment of weakness, don’t give up completely. If you’re motivated to reduce your daily sugar intake, then try your best again tomorrow.

Cut carbohydrates for the rest of the day

If your sugar binge happened before lunch, be sure to avoid simple carbohydrates like bread or pasta during lunch and/or dinner.

Eating lots of sugar will quickly bring you closer to your daily calorie limit so it makes sense to cut calories as much as you can with other meals.

Why does sugar have such a bad rep?

The world has declared war against sugar abuse and for good reason. Sugar has been connected to a legion of unwanted diseases, including heart diseasediabetes, obesity and even depression.

South Africa is in the frontline of this war through recently introducing a sugar tax in the plight to drastically reduce the amount of sugar South Africans consume.

If you’re still in the dark as to why sugar is no good for you, here are five reasons why excessive sugar consumption is bad for your body:

1. Sugar is high in calories which could lead to obesity.

2. Sugar contains no essential nutrients for your body to use.

3. Sugar is really bad for your teeth.

4. Sugar can cause insulin resistance that could lead to diabetes.

5. Sugar releases the happy hormone, dopamine, which can lead to addiction.

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